Tertium building with BREEAM certification

Our next building has received a BREEAM certificate at the level Excellent! This time it's building C of Krakow's Tertium. We thank Sopla and Sweco Polska for their support. This is the second office building of this complex with such a distinction. We are proud!

Tertium building with BREEAM certification

O certyfikacie BREEAM

BREEAM is a building certification method that indicates the extent to which a rated building is environmentally friendly and, on the other hand, how much comfort it creates for its users. BREEAM is actually an acronym for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. The BREEAM building certification method was developed as early as 1990 in the UK.

A building whose owner(s) apply for BREEAM certification is assessed in ten different categories:

– project management of the investment and construction process,
– energy efficiency and the properties of the materials used in the construction and completion of the building,
– the comfort of the building for its users,
– the level of energy consumption within the building,
– location of the building and distance to public transport points,
– the way waste is managed,
– the way in which water and waste-water management is managed,
– the way the area around the building is landscaped,
– solutions that have been used to reduce emissions,
– investment innovation.

The buildings are assessed according to BREEAM criteria and receive a certificate
confirming the extent to which the requirements in each of these points are met. This makes us all the more proud that another of our buildings has been awarded an Excellent rating.