Form Offices Active Club has started!

In February 2023, we established our own Active Club. As part of the club, users of four locations: Wadowicka 3, Tertium and DOT by Form in Kraków and Cu Office in Wrocław, can train under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Form Offices Active Club has started!


A running and cycling club has also been launched at each location. Under the guidance of experienced triathlete Paulina Jach, willing participants can take part in workouts, learn from the expert and set sports objectives together with her. Picturesque activity routes have been designed to encourage participants to explore the area in the vicinity of the buildings.

The coach’s care and individual approach means that novice runners can get professional support and start their training in a totally safe way. On the other hand, those at an advanced level, can count on expert consultation and benefit from substantial help with their training plans.



Everyone is welcome to join in a physical activity. Meetings are held on pre-arranged dates at 7.00 a.m. in the lobby of each respective office.

Upcoming running training sessions:

15.03 Tertium

22.03 Wadowicka 3

28.03 Dot by Form

30.03 CU Office


Upcoming bicycle training:

14.03 Tertium

16.03 Wadowicka 3

21.03 Dot by Form

23.03 CU Office